Using VisionLite and wanting more ?

Move up to the full-blown VisionExpert Professional version,

and save up to €99 : we will refund you the full €99 of your

VisionLite version !

In addition to keeping all the features of VisionLite the

Expert version comes with the following extensions :

  • Receive the software on CD including historical stock data,
  • Follow more than 100.000 stocks from more than 50 different 

     exchanges worldwide, entirely free of charge,

  • Free quotes of investment funds,
  • Compose your own screens with your favourite indicators,
  • Compose lists on the basis of your own selection criteria,
  • Manage an unlimited number of portfolios,
  • Manage any number of realtime monitor screens,
  • Retain all your VisionLite data,
  • And much much more ...

To order your upgrade to VisionExpert Professional (€395 instead of

the regular €495) you can either :

Your upgrade CD will be shipped to you upon receipt of your payment.

For more information please visit



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