Thank you for your interest in our products. Below you will find complete

Start-Up instructions on how to download and install VisionLITE.

VisionLITE is a Shareware program : you can use it for FREE as long

as you please and you can SHARE it for free with everybody you know.

In this version only the first 10 stocks will be updated. However if you

register this program you can manage up to 100 stocks.



Click on the "Download" button next to the program of your choice

to download the Setup-program :

VisionLITE EuroNext version (4.3 Mb)

Download VisionLITE EuroNext version...

VisionLITE Nasdaq version (4.1 Mb)

Download VisionLITE Nasdaq version...

VisionLITE Morningstar version (2.1 Mb)

Download VisionLITE Morningstar Fund version...

         (version 5.1 release 127 build 1216)


Please save this program on a location on your drive where you will

easily find it afterwards. After the download run the Setup-program

to install VisionLITE on your computer.



If you are using Microsoft Windows7/8 (or VISTA) please ensure you have Administrator rights on your computer. If you are experiencing problems on Vista you can also have a look at this solution : VisionLite on Windows7 



If you are experiencing problems downloading, installing or registering

this program, do not hesitate to contact us at




The VisionLITE-team.


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