VisionLITE F.A.Q.

VisionLITE receives the stockquotes from websites all over the world, like Yahoo, ...

The most of these websites provide FREE stock data with a delay of 15 minutes (some indexes are realtime). VisionLITE downloads these stockquotes directly into the software, just like your browser does (Internet Explorer, Firefox, ...).

The amount of FREE data on the Internet is absolutely amazing : next to more than 100.000 stocks you have access to over 10.000 different indexes. On the Yahoo-website you will find a brief overview of some of the markets : overview Yahoo-markets.

The best thing to do is go directly to the Yahoo-website and lookup if your stock is listed on their website : free Yahoo lookup. If a stock is listed on Yahoo, you can add

it also to VisionLITE, and receive intraday stock quotes for FREE.

VisionLITE is installed with some basic historical data (Nasdaq, Euronext, France, India...). So if your favorite stocks are not available in VisionLITE, you will have to add them to the program for yourself. This can be done in several ways, the most easy way is :

  • Start VisionLITE and go to "Realtime-Monitor"
  • Select the option "Edit - Add NEW stock" from the menu
  • In the next screen you can enter the "Name" and the "Symbol" (tickercode) for the new stock.
  • If you do not know the official name or tickercode, click on the "Search"-button. In a new window you will be able to lookup the stocks and their codes.
  • After entering the name and tickercode, click on the "Next"-button
  • VisionLITE will now automatically download all historical data from the last 10 years, for FREE.
  • Click on the "Next"-button and fill in all other data (sector, ...)
  • In the last step of this wizard, the stock will be added to VisionLITE.

Repeat these instructions for all stocks you want to add to VisionLITE.

Please remember that VisionLITE allows you to add only 100 stocks. If you

no longer want this limitation, you will have to upgrade to VisionEXPERT.


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